1. withdraw, abdicate, renounce, quit, leave, give up
  2. a submissive unresisting attitude; passive acquiescence
  3. the grief you feel when you give up - death of a future

"We are all of us resigned to death:
It's life we aren't resigned to."

Graham Greene

Action removes the doubt that theory cannot solve.

"What is called resignation is
really confirmed desperation."

Henry David Thoreau

"The essence of optimism is that it
takes no account of the present, but
it is a source of inspiration, of vitality
and hope where others have

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Your future begins NOW.
Start NOW, not over."

Jim Peal

Failure is not getting up.

are like washing machines.
They twist us, they spin us and
knock us around… But in the end
we come out cleaner, brighter and
better than before"

ACTION - The surest way to escape anxiety, defeat and despair.
  1. "Why try? It is not going to make any difference."
  2. "I really don't care anymore."
  3. "It is overwhelming. I can't."
  4. "Nothing ever goes right for me."
  5. "No one appreciates me."
  6. "Life is crap."
  7. "I can't because _______."
  8. "If only _______, then I could____."
Your energy is depressed & deflated. You feel weighed down. You don't feel like doing anything.


  1. The payoff for being resigned is that you never have to make an effort. You can stay in your comfort zone of complaints and despair so that you don't have to take any more risks. It's a way of staying completely safe even despite your complaints to yourself or to the world that you're helpless against the situation and you feel hopeless.
  2. You are addicted to the idea that the negative past will be your negative future. You see no hope, no change that is possible.
  3. You've given up on any possibility in the future. You are telling yourself you can't because of some external circumstance that you are unwilling to let go of and thereby giving up your experience of choice.
  4. You tell yourself that being depressed is better than being disappointed again.
  5. It will not be easy getting your energy up to move forward.


  1. How long do you want to be miserable and feel sorry for yourself?
  2. To get out of a Victim mindset ask yourself: What do I really want in life? Commit to your vision!
  3. Step into the future that you truly want and feel the positive energy of your future.
  4. Commit to your life and take action immediately (small steps are fine) toward your goal - go for it, no matter what. Action toward your future is transformational.
  5. Notice when you are complaining about how you can't do something because_____. No more excuses. There are other options you just have not explored.
  6. Stop complaining about how you feel wronged or undervalued or powerless.
  7. Notice where you are thinking, "I have to..." and switch it to, "I choose to..."
  8. Where you think, you have to ask, "What if you didn't?"
  9. Move forward without proof. That is commitment.
  10. Only you can do something for yourself. Even though you may feel like you have no energy, take a small step toward what you want.
  11. Help someone else be or feel better.
  12. Surround yourself with healthy motivated people.
  13. Nourish your body. Eat healthy food, drink lots of water, get sleep, and exercise regularly.




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