STEP FIVE: Take Action

Once you assume Positive Intention, identify where in the Positive Intent Molecule you want to be operating from.
You ask yourself:

Should I move to Visionary mode?
Visionary behaviors include keeping the focus on goals, being passionate, committed, and resolved.

Should I go to Activator and focus on the process of how to get to the goal?
Activator behaviors include setting the course of action/strategy that needs to take place, communicating, being accountable.

Should I go to Coach and think about people?
Coach behaviors include providing guidance, empowering and motivating so people can be at their best.
More than likely you will pick a combination of the three for each situation. Once you pick, write down what specific thoughts and behaviors you will be demonstrating.

Now it is time to put it all together and take action. You are aware, you have shifted your attitude, and you have moved into positive intent. Action is the result!

The above five steps complete the attitude check. Notice the triggers causing the negative loop, clarify your Negative Intention, notice the drama involved, identify your persona on the negative intent molecule, pause and check what's going on, choose positive intent, and take action. You will get better and better at turning your negative loops into positive reactions instead of falling down into the negative spiral.




© 2016 Jim Peal