Check Your Tude Chart

Check Your Attitude – Learning & Excellence

Thought provoking; inspiration to stop and look at situations from a different perspective

I learned how a little change in attitude would positively impact my productivity in the workplace

Will have a good impact on how I relate to work and colleagues; I can also use it to relate to family and friends

I became more insightful of my work attitude in the organization

Disturbing and alarming to learn just how much of my time is spend “in the red” on the tude chart

I realized some of the actions and stances I have taken in the past were negative intention shadows and will work in the future to resolve issues and conflicts using positive intentions

Good reminder in general of how important “soft skills” and understanding your own strengths and weaknesses in virtually every situation; also entertaining

Check your tude is extremely helpful; I can easily visualize my attitude and look for the one that can bring about the best results for my job

Motivates me to be on green side of Tude table

It was beneficial; it was a good reminder to look at situations objectively and to consider my role

Help me recognize negative tudes

More self-introspection; mindful of others and their point of view

To be positive all the time; solve problem logically; be creative, better spirit

Check Your Attitude; tables are very useful and practical

Body and tone language; solving issues through conversation

Great tips on how to follow the characteristics on the green side of the “periodic table

Examples (videos) were helpful; break out work is wonderful

I learned how to recognize when I am in the red and shift to the green

Understanding attitude; learning to recognize and how to move towards “green” side of table; understanding negotiation styles

The check the attitude is the most helpful; when we have the negative intention/shadows, it may help us switch to the positive intention/strengths

Positive impact; reminded me how attitude affects our performance

Communication – effective and direct; collaborative discussion and reach aligned agreements

The periodic table is a great tool for practice as well as reminder of our attitude toward others
Check Your Tude was the most powerful concept that I have learned


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