"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please." - Mark Twain 

You live in a bubble of experience. Even though you may look like every other human being from the outside, your experience of life on the inside is completely unique. No one experiences life EXACTLY the way that you do. Most people do not realize that they inhabit their own personal bubble of experience; they assume that the bubble is reality rather than their perception of reality.

Now that could seem like either a lonely place to be or a great opportunity to learn about yourself and others. Once you understand how your bubble of experience is created and sustained you will have greater freedom to understand and get along with other people. Once you realize that you are experiencing a very sophisticated hologram that is created by your senses, you can begin to have some freedom to become the architect of your life.


Peter Senge refers to the Ladder of Inference in his Fifth Discipline Fieldbook.

Your nervous system is very much like a holographic video camera that records everything, The Real Data & Experience.

Next you select snippets of Data & Experience with a sophisticated Filtering system to create what you are actually aware of.

Once you become aware of something your system Makes Meaning of the selected input by comparing it to past experiences and thoughts.

Your Assumptions and Conclusions are born out of taking several past experiences and pulling them together.

Your Conclusions become embedded over time and become the foundation for Beliefs.

Beliefs are a deeper set of conclusions that you have made about yourself and the world. Your beliefs create the basis for your actions.

In addition, your Conclusions and Beliefs contribute to the Filters you use to Select Data & Experience. This is a circular type of arrangement because once the Conclusions and Beliefs are in place you selectively notice parts of your incoming data that will reinforce your beliefs.

As your nervous system matures these patterns become part of your automatic way of perceiving and acting in the world.

How long does it take your nervous system to go through all of those calculations? Blink your eyes—about that long. Your mind is that fast. And the real issue is your conclusions aren’t always in alignment with what is really going on outside




© 2016 Jim Peal