Check Your Attitude Coach and Trainer Certification


The following are offered as single and multiple day courses (6hr/day) that can be taken independently for International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education (CCE)* credits or as standalone training for coaches.

Leader as Coach – 1 day
A corporate level introduction introducing leaders, manager and supervisors to the coaching fundamentals. Participants gain communication skills and the fundamentals of the International Coaching Federation coaching framework they can apply immediately.

NLP Coaching Skills – 1 day
Learn how to read and interpret non-verbal signals, create and sustain rapport, listen and understand in-between the line. use powerful questions to get to the bottom line, create powerful outcomes and resource states.

Advanced NLP Coaching Skills – 2 days
Learn how to utilize sub-modalites, spatial anchoring and timelines, new belief generator and parts party to help your clients create long lasting changes.

Check Your Attitude Coaching Certification – 2 days
Fully utilize the Check Your Tude table in your coaching meetings. You will learn how to recognize each of the 40 most common attitudes that people have at work, understand the dynamics of each and strategies to coach people to shift out of the negative attitudes into positive ones and how to help high performers balance their strengths.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Coaching – 1 day
This one day workshop teaches you how to create and deliver mindfulness and stress reduction techniques that you can use in coaching. The course also teaches you how to teach you clients how to use these techniques in between their coaching visits. * (CCE credits pending ICF approval for CCE)


This program is designed for accomplished trainers who would like to add Check Your Attitude to their course offerings.

A self-directed blended learning course including a comprehensive trainers manual and the Check Your Attitude course materials and individual mentoring by Jim Peal is included in this package. In addition to your Corporate Level Certification, this course also qualifies you to lead approved Ignite Youth and Community Programs.

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